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    MX SWFLoader: swf loaded size issue


      Hi!, I have a Flex app with a size of 1600x900.


      I have an external swf (made with Flash, AS3): "game.swf" with a size of 760x550


      I need to load the "game.swf" into my Flex app. I have this:


      <mx:SWFLoader id="alm" x="400" y="90" width="760" height="550" source="game.swf" />


      The problem is that the "game.swf" has MCs greater than the stage (like 1000x800) and my Flex SWFLoader dont show a 760x550 Rectangle, instead shows a 1000x800 stage.


      NOTE: When I execute "game.swf" on Flash (or in a browser), it shows correctly a stage of 760x550.


      Any idea?