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    Videos take all the screen in Full Screen mode!!!!!


      I mean, if you have a flash, and a video on it, which is smaller than the size of the flash, AND if the project is set to be in Full Screen, then, when you publish it and test the .exe, the video will TAKE all the screen area!

      I have included some pictures so you can see what I mean.


      This is how it SHOULD be in full scree, and how it IS if it's not in full screen:




      And this is how it actually IS if I play it on Full Screen:




      I know, this is really weird. Try it by your self. Create a flash, insert a video that doesn't take all the screen, add the Full Screen CODE, publish it and execute the .EXE file. The video will fill all the Screen.


      HOW CAN I SOLVE IT??????????