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    Why are some .fla items "shifted" when I haven't yet made changes?


      Hi All,


      Here's a bizarre problem I've encountered.  I have downloaded a  website template to edit it.


      It has some nice buttons on the "Contact us" page that look like this:


      [Submit]  [Clear]


      When I move my mouse over them, some wonderful magic happens and the brackets close in on the word, the word disappears, and then the brackets open up and the word reappears...looks very nice.


      Here's the problem.


      As soon as i open the .fla file and choose test movie (without even making changes), the whole site seems fine except for these two buttons on the contact page, they now look like this:



      [Submi]  [Clea]


      Somehow the right brackets have moved to the left and are in front of the last letter of the word?! Bizarre eh?  I thought I had mistakenly edited something and caused this problem.  But I tried this out on a fresh template and that's how I know for sure that it is some bizarre phenomenon.  Has anyone ever encountered anything like this before?  And if so, how do i correct it?  I don't want to have to go in and edit the brackets myself since the original .fla file is perfect.  There seems to be something that is going on, "behind the scenes" when i open this .fla file (which was created in Flash CS4) in Flash CS5.  Is that the reason right there? I hope not!!!! Thanks in advance for the help!!!!

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          munkeymike Level 2

          TLF text vs Classic text? Static text vs dynamic text? I've noticed things shift a little as well. Could also be font congruency issues or any number of things.

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            fai_013 Level 1

            Yes I've found the problem!!! THE PROBLEM IS OPENING A CS4 .FLA FILE IN FLASH CS5


            I looked around at many other things and the formatting was waaay off on so many things?! How in the world did that happen? Its as if i opened a microsoft word 2000 .doc in word 2010 and my fonts changed from verdana to WiNgDiNgS!  Ok it wasn't that bad.  But what WAS bad was that I spent so much time fixing those darn buttons and the animation, and then when I "tested" the movie, I saw all of the other formatting issues.


            I uninstalled Flash CS5 and installed Flash CS4 and then opened the .fla file and guess what?


            It worked perfectly and there were no formatting issues!


            Be warned folks, using CS5 is amazing to create new content but watch out when "bringing in" your CS4 .fla work.  Check everything carefully because the more complex your .fla file, the greater the chances of text, brackets, layer masks, graphic spacing, and animation will be either slightly shifted up/down/left/right,  OR there will be huge gaps between pictures. Check your animated layer masks to make sure they are still covering/revealing what they should!


            To tell you the truth, .fla files can be so complex, you're better off just editing your .fla file in the Flash version that it was created in.  At least that way you won't have the doubt of "did i catch all the formatting errors?" looming over you during what should be your fun, unhindered creative process!