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    character animation question


      Hi all,
      i need some help to try to understand which technique was used to do this video "puppet",
      i mean witch techniques i can use to reach this result?

      Someone tell me that adobe guys done this kind of characteer animation at nab some time ago...


      thanks to anyone want to help me.

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          bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

          THe filmmaker comments might have some suggestions but they are mostly political.

          You might be able to contact the filmmaker directly.


          That pieces uses a digitally updated version of classic cel-based animation. Any good book on animation will include all you need to know. Some of the scenes are entirely synthesized but most are made of carefully designed individual drawings. The jiggle can be synthesized or created manually. Some effects are obviously done in AE or another compositor. Other effects were simply edited in a timeline like Final cut or Premiere.


          The most critical factors: Preproduction planning and storyboarding. Every frame of that piece was carefully designed by people who understood their tools. And they worked for a director who understood the pipeline.