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    Video clips won't play properly in Premiere Elements 9.0


      I recently acquired a Toshiba Camileo S20 and when I try to play the video clips in Premiere Elements 9.0, they will not play smoothly. The audio is perfectly normal but the video is jerky and it's not possible to do any editing on the clips. Clips from other sources e.g. my Canon Powershot G9 play OK. I have ensured that the clips I am using are not of the highest definition as I have read somewhere that Elements 9.0 doesn't handle HD video very well.

      I have an earlier version of the program (Elements 8.0) and installed that on another computer and on importing the same clips into the program found that they played back perfectly. I noticed after I had included them in the sceneline that there was some background rendering happening so I thought this maybe had something to with the fact that they would play back OK in Elements 8.0 but not in 9.0.

      My question is - How do I enable rendering of a clip in Elements 9.0 because as yet I have not been able to find how to do this?

      If anyone is able to give me some help, I would be very grateful.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Actually, Premiere Elements 9 handles many aspects of hi-def better than ever. Particularly AVCHD.


          The challenge is that your still camera doesn't shoot in AVCHD or any standard camcorder format.


          The specs online aren't very clear, but it appears to shoot in MJPEG-AVI, a format that is incompatible with Premiere Elements.


          If you open your video in G-Spot, it will show us information about your video and its codecs.



          This information will help us recommend solutions -- which might well involve converting this video to a more editable format.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Here are some articles, that might be helpful.


            The first ARTICLE, will get you started, by explaining what information would so very useful in troubleshooting an issue in the foru, and also how to gather some of it, with utilities, like G-Spot, as Steve mentioned. Also, knowing the full specs. of your source footage, your Project Preset and then your Toshiba's specs., will be very helpful.


            If your footage IS MJPEG, then this ARTICLE might help.


            For general performance issues, thiz ARTICLE might be helpful. Be sure to also see the link to Clean Lean Mean Editing Machine.


            For Rendering, this ARTICLE will give you some background. As of PrE 8, there are two ways to Render - Background Rendering and by hitting the Enter key to manually Render the Timeline, or a portion of it. The need to Render will be indicated by red lines above the Clips, when one has Timeline View Mode ON. In PrE 9, one can turn ON Background Rendering, but that might not be the best option. Instead, it is usually smoother to edit, and then manually Render, when necessary. Also note: if when you drag your Clips to the Timeline, there is instantly a red line above the Clips, that will usually indicate that there is a mis-match between those Clips and the Project Preset.


            Good luck, and hope that those help. Also thanks in advance for the additional info,



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              PatrickDyer44 Level 1

              GSpot analysis.PNG

              Thanks for your help and advice. Please forgive me if I don't give enough information with my posts but I am far from competent with video editing as I only really dabble.

              Anyway, excuses out of the way - I have downloded G-Spot and opened one of the troublesome files and as you can see from the insertion, the necessary codecs are installed.

              Further info: In version 8 the clips from both my video cameras play OK after rendering but on re-opening the project I have to perform rendering all over again, a problem that others seem to have had from reading other people's posts. In version 9 however, even after rendering a clip like the one I have analysed in G-Spot, it still will not play smoothly and is impossible to edit.

              The Powershot G9 clips when placed in the timeline in version 9 have a red line above before rendering but the Toshiba S20 clips have no red line even before rendering. Both clips are AVI clips although I understand they can still be different.

              This is probably a problem I am not going to be able to solve - a while back I spent 45 minutes on the phone while an Adobe engineer remotely took over my computer but he couldn't come up with a solution. So maybe I would be best to use Live Movie Maker for projects where I have to use the S20 clips.

              If anybody has further advice I'd be grateful but I won't hold my breath!

              Many thanks