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    Importing a WinHelp project into RH 8 HTML changes the fonts in all my styles

    eangel030456 Level 1

      I am trying to import a WinHelp project created with RH 8 for Word into RH 8 HTML. I have noticed two major things:


      1. The first topic is preceded by the names of many fonts. At the end of these set of fonts, my topic appears. I am attaching a partial view of these fonts below:

      Arial;Courier New;Symbol;Helvetica;Courier;Tms Rmn;Helv;New York;System;Wingdings;MS
      Mincho ;Batang ;SimSun ;PMingLiU ;MS Gothic ;Dotum ;SimHei ;MingLiU ;Mincho ;Gulim
      ;Century;Angsana New;Cordia New;Mangal;Latha;Sylfaen;Vrinda;Raavi;Shruti;Sendnya;Gautami;Tunga;Estrangelo
      Edessa;Cambria Math;Arial Unicode MS;Cambria;Calibri;Tahoma;CG Times ;Univers ;Times;Verdana;CommonBullets;Webdings;WP
      MathA;Adobe Caslon Pro Bold;Adobe Caslon Pro;Adobe Fangsong Std R;@Adobe Fangsong
      Std R;Adobe Fan Heiti Std B;@Adobe Fan Heiti Std B;Adobe Gothic Std B;@Adobe Gothic
      Std B;Adobe Heiti Std R;@Adobe Heiti Std R;Adobe Kaiti Std R;@Adobe Kaiti Std R;Adobe
      Garamond Pro Bold;Adobe Garamond Pro;Birch Std;Blackoak Std;Brush Script Std;Chaparral
      Pro;Charlemagne Std;Cooper Std Black;Giddyup Std;Hobo Std;Kozuka Gothic Pr6N B;@Kozuka
      Gothic Pr6N B;Kozuka Gothic Pr6N EL;@Kozuka Gothic Pr6N EL;


      2. All Topics are imported as far as I could tell at a glance, but all the fonts have changed. I used styles based on the Normal_RWH.dot template that has been modified.


      Anyone can tell me how to recover my fonts besides doing so manually?