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    Crash when changing WMV format settings - error code included


      Myself and a cowroker had this same issue happen in the same afternoon so I'm guessing it's not solely an Adobe issue, but our IT department said to contact Adobe. I'm hoping I can at least get something specific to take back to them even if  we don't completely solve the issue here.


      The issues we are facing:


      In After Effects CS4:


      When setting up a render for a WMV file, there is an immediate error and crash the second we click on the "Format options" button:




      This is followed by a chance to save the file and a Windows Run Time error message.  I would also upload the Runtime error, but it isn't up long enough to capture.  Both myself and another designer have this issue, while two other designers in the department do not.  Everything has been running filne for the last several minths, so this is a relatively new issue for us.


      Our Systems:


      Windows XP 64bit

      32gigs RAM

      Nvidia Quadro FX 1800

      Xeon CPU @ 2.4, 2.4ghz



      We called the general support line.  The rep had us uninstall the suite which resulted in us not being able to re-install for some reason.  They fixed this by removing the color profiles.  Once we were back up and running, we still had the same issues. We were told to call the video support team.  They told us it would cost $.  We submitted the request for that to our manager, but we don't know when that will be approved, and in the meantime we now cannot use WMV files (which, unfortunately is our primary format), AND my coworker now has no color profiles due to the support from this morning.


      In addition to that, we have tried the usual steps of updating, renaming the preferences folders, and performing the "repair" style install. Additionally, niether of us has downloaded or installed any new programs or codecs, so we are unsure what to try next.   The two of us are also having trouble with Premiere CS4 -


      Premiere no longer recognizes AVI files and says that the xmp metadata is disabled.  I'm wondering if the issues are connected.  Any help at all would be appreciated.  Let me know if I need to post more details.  Thanks in advance!


      EDIT:  I should add that the issues in both programs and with both file formats occur regardless of file size or resolution.  It does not appear to matter if the file is the smallest web banner or the largest HD video ...