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    Cant get Digital Editions to verify Literati


      I have Adobe DigitalEditions on

      my PC but it does not find my Literati connected by U

      SB to my PC so I am unable to read some books

      and or verify my e-reader, very frustrating. It does sa

      y om my Literati that I am not signed in to my Adobe ID

      , which is not true...HELP

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          I initially had the same problem with a Literati i used to use.  I found that

          the ADE would not recognize or even see the literati until i got the most

          updated software on the literati.  that took me a while and would only properly

          download with a wi-fi connection.  I have decided to return the literati in

          favor of a nook because there are still some software problems on the literati. 

          i had problems with ADE continually asking to reactivate the literati and have

          not had that problem with the nook. 




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            Yes.  You need to have Version 1.9 at least.  You can download 1.9 onto you

            computer and then transfer it to your Literati.  However, Version 2.0 is

            best, but it is downloadable only via wireless right now.


            When you have Version 2.0 on the Literati, it will work just fine - no need

            to send it back and get a Nook (which in my opinion is not as good a

            reader.  I've had both.)


            Tom(Frustrated in AZ)


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              I'm having the same problem.  I do have software version 2.0 on my Literati but my computer can't seem to figure out how to "read" it.  I'm running Windows 7.  When I tried hooking the Literati up to my old computer running Windows ME, I could see the files.  I've been told by the Literati people that there have been problems with Windows 7.  I tried the Adobe help desk to see if there was a way to activate the Literati without being connected to my PC, but they just pointed me to this forum.  I can get the books from my PC to the SD card (by connecting the card directly to the USB with a card reader) and can have the Literati find the books on the SD card (these are ebooks checked out from the Library), but when I try to read one, I get the "Adobe not activated" message on the Literati.  Has anyone found a solution to this?

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                Ms. Potter, Greetings



                You hve probably figures this out for your self but incase you didn't.


                I had the same problem, I tried everything I could think of except one.


                I had to call Literati to get answer.  I said all that to let you know that some times the simplest of answers misses us all.


                Turn your Literati on.  Select either I'm reading or Library. Plug the adapter cord into your reader FIRST. Then plug your adapter cord into the computer.


                Then every one is happy and the equipment is shaking hands perfectly.

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                  Please keep in mind that the Literati has a software upgrade that requires

                  you go onto the Kobo site via the wireless connection from the Literati.


                  You can check to see if you're up to date by displaying the Settings on the

                  Literati.  It should show the software at Version 2.x