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    How to do a Popup WIndow Animation

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      I've spent the last few hours trying to add Effects like Iris, Dissolve, Resize to a PopUpWindow that is opened via PopUpManager in Apollo/AIR. The class that is the base for the pop up is a Panel. I'm trying to get an animation going when the window opens, something similar to how OSXs min and max work when growing an application icon from the Dock.
      I've been searching on all the usuals obvious things, but can't find anything. So, i ask the resident experts, how would I approach something like this?

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          I haven't used Apollo, but here is a quick example I was able to come up with in flex.

          <mx:Application xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute">

          <mx:Parallel id="grow">
          <mx:Move duration="1000" xFrom="342" xTo="50" yFrom="502" yTo="20" target="{img1}"/>
          <mx:Resize duration="750" heightFrom="125" heightTo="417" widthFrom="187" widthTo="662" target="{img1}"/>

          <mx:Image id="img1" x="342" y="502" width="187" height="125" source="images/image1.jpg" scaleContent="true" autoLoad="true"/>
          <mx:Button x="227" y="638" label="grow" click="grow.play();"/>


          That just gave me some really good ideas also!

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            Phi2265, That's the right idea. I, too, can get the animations working just fine in a Flex app, but I'm wondering what's required to get windows to animate when invoked from the PopUpManager class in Apollo. That's the tricky part. That's the part I'm still searching for a solution.
            Ive tried binding the effects to the Panel.showEffect, I tried calling from an events addedToStage, etc.. But nothing. the Popup window opens normally.
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              You know, all the events I tried calling the effect from, I forgot the most obvious, creationComplete. Works like a champ. My popup windows now appear from nowhere and with style!