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    privacy policy issue


      if you visit my site

      www.iconnectmalawi.com once you log in to the page by clicking on the button if you go right down to privacy policy i can t edit that layer in adobe flash for some reasson i have tried double clicking on the layer veiwing in t

      he timeline but nuting i can t get anything to edit the privacy policy pop up....



      please someone advise how to reslove this issue.





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          See if the layer is locked.  Without seeing your design there isn't much anyone can do except to guess what you might have to do.  If you can show a screenshot of the timeline containing this layer that might help.

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            zainmw91 Level 1

            Well the layer is unlocked but basically its a button when you click on privacy policy it pops up a small box with information in it i can t get to that box in adobe flash player for me to edit the text thats why i gave you the link of my site so you can view the privacy policy pop up of the box i have attached a screen shot to show you the layer but i want to edit the pop up box....



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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Seeing the web page won't help anyone determine what keeps you from accessing the popup or how it is implemented in the file.  It would appear as though the popup is fed data from some external source (since it's all latin gibberish).  Is this some template you acquired?  Maybe you just need to find the code that creates the popup and fills the text in.  There may even be a separate text file that contains the privacy policy text.  See if you can find the code associated with the privacy policy button.  That may lead you to what you need to find.

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                Yea, definitely check any external txt or xml files. Also check any suspicious objects in your library. It's there somewhere. Sometimes template files come with a readme file that may direct you.