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    Configure ADE for Aluratek transfer


      According to the ADE site, my Aluratek ebook reader is compatible.  But there are no instructions for setting up transfers between ADE and a device.  I looked at ADE for a configuration menu.


      What good is this product?  Is there supposed to be some automagic way that ADE knows about the ebook readers plugged into a computer it's running on?


      Where are the instructions?  I am not happy and I feel I am wasting my time.

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          Hold on there!  Don't go blaming the product - yet....  [I am NOT an Adobe



          The instructions can be found in a couple of places.  To start, your ereader

          should have come with some setup instructions so you can connect it to your

          PC (or MAC) as a device.  That must be done first.  Once your computer

          recognizes the ereader, you're halfway there.  Then, you have to activate

          ADE by registering with Adobe.  When that's done, you can download and

          install ADE on your computer.  Once this is completed, you're ready for the



          Plug in your ereader and make sure it's recognized by your computer (In

          Windows, pull up Windows Explorer, go to My Computer, and look at the drives

          attached.  You should see your ereader as a drive letter).  Then, start

          ADE.  It will scan your computer to see if there are any ereader devices

          attached, and if it finds one, it will show it on the right hand side of the

          ADE display.


          This process is described in the ADE Help files.  I also got a list of

          instructions from my local library.


          If this doesn't work for you, then come back and ask some more questions.  I

          grant you that something can go wrong, and your fellow ADE bloggers may be

          able to give you some simple answers.  Before you freak out if something

          doesn't work, check ADE Help for 'Known Issues'.


          Hope this helps!



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            I gues one of the "known issues" is that I am using Linux (Fedora 13) and not Windows or Mac OS X.  The device is recognized as two direrctories (internal memory and SD card, both under /media) and ADE is installed using Wine, the "not a Windows Emulator emulator."  I can copy in ebooks from Kobo by drag-and-drop of the URLLink.acsm file into ADE but it doesn't recognize the ebook reader.


            I tried copying the .epub file directly onto the SD card but the ebook reader cannot open it.  I get a "failed to open" error message.  So much for DRM installed on my ebook reader.  A recent update of the firmware shows an Adobe copyright notice and something about Digital Editions so I suspect it *should* be able to handle the DRM.  Is there a hidden file I need to manaully copy over to read these books?


            Thanks inadvance,


            Edward Hooper