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    Way to Play Adobe Projector file on Mac OS X


      I have an Adobe Projector file, which runs in Windows, but I only have a Mac. Is there some way either the author, or myself -- without installing Windows on my Mac -- can play or convert this file to be playable on Mac, specifically Mac OS X?



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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          Yes and no.  The actual exe projector is the final compiled-for-PC version.  There is no way to "convert" it to OSX.  But the author of the project can publish the movie as a Mac projector (assuming that they have Director 8.5 or higher).  Depending on the complexity of the project and what if any xtras are used, this can be a simple process of opening the dir file, clicking File, Publish Settings, and checking the Mac box before re-publishing.  If there are 3rd party xtras or windows-specific code, then there may be some conversion required.


          So basically, you can do nothing with your projector.  But the author has the ability to make a Mac projector for you.

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            Opera Rat Level 1

            OK, you're referring to the files I sent you.  (The Director World is  rather small.)  I compiled the files on a PC using Director 11.  The  Mac projector works on all the macbooks, and macbook pros that a friend tried in Oregon.  I  used Windows 7 to create a zip file that contained all the relavent  files for the projector to work.  I than used Filzilla to put the zip  file on a server.  Then everyone downloaded it the same way - Safari.   My friend had no problem running the program once they downloaded and  installed Shockwave.  I can't understand why you're having a problem  running the mac projector I sent you.  I included the .dir file in the  hopes that someone had a Director installed on a mac so that they can  just recompile it.


            What am I doing wrong?  How should I send the Mac version of the file (in less than 30 minutes)?


            Mike, I'll email you the link.  See if it works for you, PLEASE.

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              rlinsurf1 Level 1

              Nice to meet you


              Ok, looks like there was a bit of confusion here. Andrew told me the Mac version was the .dir, which is coming up as a UNIX executable. After your post, I saw there was a projector file with a Mac icon, so I tried that. I had to double-click it several times to get anything to happen, but finally received a message saying Shockwave 11 wasn't installed on the machine. I downloaded that, and after installing it, the file still took a couple of tries to open -- but it finally did


              I'll email Andrew and let him know.