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    Premiere Pro & Encore Errors - CS4 / CS5 Side-By-Side Install


      Hello, all.


      I am trying to use CS Production Premium CS4 and CS5 together on the same machine.  I have been getting some really crazy errors and happenings lately on Premiere Pro (CS4) and Encore (both CS4 & CS5).  In another forum in Creative Cow, someone mentioned that CS4 and CS5 should not live on the same partition, and that may be causing my problems.  You can view that thread here: http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/3/908105.


      The long and short:


      I have had CS4 installed for a while on my machine (see specs in the signature line), and installed CS5 alongside using all the default install values. 


      Taking the troubled applications one at a time, here are some errors I am encountering:



      Upon launch, the following message appears:



      This is what prompted someone to note that CS4 & CS5 should not live on the same partition.  I HAVE SINCE UNINSTALLED CS5 and the error still persists.



      ENCORE CS4

      Upon launch, it automatcially crashes and the Windows error messages pop up:



      I HAVE SINCE UNINSTALLED CS5 and the error still persists.



      ENCORE CS5:

      Shorter DVDs with simple timelines seem to transcode and burn just fine.  However, with longer timelines or more complex projects, it returns the following errors:




      A detailed view of the error message is below:



      I have not been able to test this after the uninstall of CS5, but I can only assume that it still has this issue.



      As far as I can tell, Premiere Pro CS5 works just fine.


      In addition to the previous errors, After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5 also have trouble rendering to networked locations (i.e.--mapped drives). The renders fail immediately with "unknown errors".  I am not sure if this has something to do with the side-by-side configuration or not, but it is another issue that has been problematic.  The CS4 versions can render to any location with no problems.


      Any guidance on how to get CS4 and CS5 to coexist will be greatly appreciated!  I do need both versions for various reasons, so getting rid of one is not an option (and as the uninstall of CS5 has proven, not effective).


      Thank you!


      Stephen Rutherford
      Graphics Producer: Gale Force Media, CanesVision & Wolfpack TV




      Current System Configuration:
      Intel i7 920 PC 2.67 GHz
      Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit
      12 GB DDR3 RAM
      NVIDIA GeForceGTS 250 512MB DDR3


      Adobe Production Premium CS5/CS4/CS3
      3D Studio Max 2011/2010/2009