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    Mercury Playback Engine and graphic cards

    Fabio Colasanti

      I am considering buying a new, more powerful computer and moving to Premiere Pro CS5.   However, not only is the program quite expensive, but to exploit it well I need also to buy a good graphic card which adds quite a few dollars to the eventual price tag.  My main question is:


      How important is the Mercury Playback Engine in the functioning of Premiere Pro CS5?   What would I lose if I installed the programme on a computer that did not have one of the compatible nVidia cards?   I am considering moving to PPCS5 to be able to handle long videos in AVCHD (.m2ts) files.


      The computer I an thinking of buying would be built arount an Intel chip i7-2600, it would run on Windows 7 and have 16 GB DDR3 of memory.


      Would this be good enough?