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    My project won't render anymore. Help, deadline on februari 28th !

    mambo88 Level 1

      Hello Adobe experts,


      I'm working on a project, and since just now i can't export my sequence anymore ! The Adobe Media Encoder will start, but the "Preparing data for export" in Premiere stays, and there is also no perticularly high CPU usage. I also tried the direct export funktion, without the media encoder but there that won't work either.


      I have tried other, simpeler projects, and they exported just fine.

      And yesterday the project i was working on exported fine as well. Even backups from yesterday and the day before won't export anymore... I cleaned up the timeline as much as i could, but again no succes.


      The project itself is pretty intense; i work with up to 7 layers (average of 3 layers over the whole project) of 24MB/s AVCHD 1080p footage, with loads of effects. Thenagain, these are my computer specs:


      Intel Core i7-930 @2,80GHz

      12Gb DDR3

      GTX470, MPE enabled

      primary SSD, secondary HDD


      I use Premiere Pro 5.0.3


      So this thould not be a problem. Also i have had projects with even more layers and effects, and they rendered also.


      What to do ? My deadline is on februari 28th !

      Please help !