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    What is the actual resolution of a Premiere Elements 9 DVD burn & play?

    stihlchainsaw Level 1

      I'm using Nikon D7000 clips imported as 1920x1080 @ 24 fps, burning them at 16:9 aspect ratio to an internal DVD burner on 4.7 Gig discs in Premiere Elements 9.  (So easy to do!) (Thank you Adobe!!) 


      The DVD burn file sizes appear to be about the same as if I save the movies as 1280x720 Mpeg2 files on my hard drive.


      I'm playing the DVDs on a Sony 42" 1080p TV.  And the movies look great.  I'm very happy with the picture quality.


      BUT.... I've read some reports that DVDs actually only play at 480p, that it takes Blu-Ray hardware & discs to record and play true 720 or 1080 HD resolutions.