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    self served banner ads in air app


      I dont want to serve ads for ad companies but i want to serve ads for myself to my app. So i am trying to setup a way to add banner ads to my app and have them just served from my web server.  I keep running into road blocks in doing so.


      i am using is flash builder 4


      the closest i have gotten is i had an old as2 xml banner rotator and tried to just embed them locally and have the xml file and images remotely loading.  The flash files loaded up right but it seems the xml file from inside the flash rotator wont load from my site once in the air app.  they work flawlessly when not in the air app.


      Is there a simple way to do this so i can have an xml file and some images on a remote server and the banners rotate in the app?  I have searched google for hours and haven't found anything close to this.  a code example would be really appreciated if applicable i am pretty new to this.