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    Stage Video Flicker


      Hi, all,


      Incredibly excited about OSMF 1.6 Sprint 1.  I am especially excited about the Stage Video functionality.


      For optimal usage of Stage Video, what do I need to change in my actual player, besides the version of OSMF?


      Before, I had video rendering over some (incidental) background content. I experienced a flicker, and thought this might have been due to a graphic behind the video; the flicker doesn't happen when I turn off StageVideo.  Do I need to get rid of that graphic manually, or will the video just blot it out?





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          Gheorghe Blanariu Adobe Employee

          Hi Nick,


          Thanks for your feedback :-)


          For using Stage Video inside OSMF you should not have to change anything in your video player, only to add -swf-version=11 to your compiling arguments. However, you should check that your video is not obscured by any other graphics. This could happen because Stage Video renders under the background. Using opaque backgrounds could cause you some issues with the display of the video.


          For your problem the solution can be to manually remove other graphics that will obscure the video display because Flash will always render the Stage Video objects under the normal graphics.


          You can find more about using Stage Video inside Flash on this page: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/stage_video.html



          Hope this helps,






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            nbk87 Level 1

            Resolved it.


            1) Clear out any obscuring graphics.

            2) Set the background opacity to 0.

            3) wmode direct.

            4) All the stuff you said.


            I think that's all it takes.  Thanks for your prompt response!