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    Best way to edit WordPress site in CS5

    Sally_C Level 1

      All this discussion about CMS' made me decide to just install WordPress on my host's server and play with it.   The first thing that struck me was how much I miss editing in Dreamweaver!  I've seen articles about installing XAMP and WordPress on your local machine to edit your WP site but I'm hoping there's another way.  For a number of reasons, I'd rather not install any more on my local Windows machine.


      I've read that CS5 is supposed to be better equipped for working with WP and I'm hoping there's a way I can set up a testing site on my hosting server or open up and edit the files in my WP directory directly.  Is this possible?


      I've heard that some folks have used ThemeDreamer for this.  Is this a better approach?


      Thanks for any advice or experience you can share.