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    Disable Prompt asking to Checkout Document Opened From Sharepoint in Explorer View

    stevenwells99 Level 1



      We have recently started using Adobe X on our network.


      When someone opens documents from our Sharepoint site, they either click on the link on the web page, or open the document using the Explorer View, ie, \\servername\site\documents\doc.pdf


      When they click on the documents using the Explorer View they get a prompt asking to either Check Out & Open, Open or Cancel. This never used to appear in Version 8 or 9.


      I have turned off Protected mode, but this looks to be related to the specific feature of Sharepoint integration.


      Can this be disabled, or to set only to Open by default?


      As we open many documents quickly this way, it's time consuming to have to click on Open each time.


      Look forward to your replies.