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    Merging multiple pdf files and linking between them.

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      There are two things I have to achieve. First I have to merge N documents to  one single document. No problem there.

      Secondly I have to place links in this merged pdf file which "connects" the sub documents.


      In DDX terms: i need to create links between the source documents. Resulting in one single merged PDF file.

      Thus the links can be compared to pagejumpers.




      I have 7 PDF documents.

      Master documents A and B

      Child documents A1, A2, B1, B2 and B3


      Both Master and Child documents exist as independant PDF files on the file system (A.pdf, B.pdf, A1.pdf, A2.pdf, ...)


      I merge all 7 documents to one single document (eg. merged.pdf)


      At the -end- of the master documents links are (or better should be) provided to their child documents and vice versa.


      Eg. On the last page of master document A 2 links are created, one points to the first page of A1 and the other to the first page of A2.

      Child documents A1 and A2 both have on their first page a similar link which links back the first page of their Master Document A


      Thus I need 2 links per linked document. One linking the last page to the first page (MasterToChild) and one linking first page to first page (ChildToMaster)


      What I did so far and what I was able to achieve


      Merging all 7 documents: success

      Read the DDX reference over and over again: success

      Make use of almost any possible ddx-tag like Links LinkAlias Bookmark tableOfcontent and so on: success


      Create the "pagejumper"-links: 100% fail.


      My questions:


      1/ first of all is it actually possible to achieve what I am trying to do here?


      2A/ if no: please say so.

      2B/ if yes: can it be done using only DDX?


      3A/ if no: what are my alternative solutions?

      3B/ if yes: could you please be so kind to provide me an example of such a DDX structure?


      Thanks in advance, I hope to receive the same high level of support as I used to get in the past.