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    Advice - Eizo, NEC, Dell, LG or Fujitsu


      Hello everyone,


      I would highly appreciate it if you give  me your advice upon your experience about which monitor/s from the  following list is/are very good for graphic design work. I can't afford to spend thousands dollars on moriotr so I pick up the ones I could buy. If you think I could get some other brand or model from that range of money, I will love to hear your advice. Please tell me  one or two monitors from each brand so I could make my decision. I hope  you could help me.


      Thank you in advance!



      24.1" EIZO FlexScan S2433WFS

      23" EIZO EV2333WH

      22" EIZO SX2262W

      22" NEC P221W Black

      23" NEC EA231WMi

      23" NEC EA231WMi

      24" Dell U2410
      23" Dell U2311H

      22" LG W2220P-BF



      24" Fujitsu P24W-6 IPS



      Kind regards,



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          Jay Knobbe Level 1

          Don't be disappointed but it's unlikely you will get much help

          doing the homework. Look here...




          Make your decision based on price, features and test results. Only you can decided what is important to you. Remember, one person says a product is great, another says it stinks. Even when reviewing, they are only looking at 1 sample piece. A poor way to make a decision. Take a look at what some of the specialized computer builders are selling such as ADK, etc. They aren't going to sell products that have problems if they can avoid it.

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            vitosha777 Level 1



            Thanks for your reply and the link. I live in other country so I can't order from that link.

            Yes, I have to make my final decision but I need to know some opinions on the mentioned brand monitors.


            I would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.