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    AR X: Visual Studio C++ Runtime error


      This is, it seems, not a new problem, but read on...


      I've installed Reader X on to a Windows XP SP3 PC but can only get the application to work if I set Compatibility mode (on the shortcut) to Windows 2000. Bearing in mind this is user specific this isn't really a much of a solution in an enterprise/corporate environment...and shouldn't be necessary anyway.


      Other threads have suggested this is caused by an issue around Folder Redirection (an issue that first reared its head with Reader v9.x) but since we don't use folder redirection and I get the problem when running the application with the local admin user (so off the domain anyway) this cause, and related solution, doesn't seem to apply.


      Also, since uninstalling X and replacing it with v9.0.0 the problem doesn't now occur - but I don't really want to use v9 anymore! Besides, this suggests it's a new problem with X.


      Before replacing with v9 I tried a uninstall/reinstall of X, including a manual trawl through the registry removing any references to Acrobat Reader before reinstalling.


      Not sure how to progress this issue, so here's this thread! Help!