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    Input Masks and Single Choice Fields (drop down menu) Suggestions

    Slinger Tower

      Here's a few suggestions - I hope this is the right place to post these...


      1. I would like to suggest a pre-filled state single choice field (drop down menu) to be used to get address information.  Or better yet a way to import a csv file to fill the preset fields for an option box.


      2. Input masks that force users to enter the data in the format you prefer.  (000) 000-0000


      3. Ability to enable or disable options depending on other choices.


      4. Option for a list of numbers say 1 thru 100 and as people pick a registration (car number in my case) that choice cannot be picked again by another user for that form.  Load values from a table that can be picked several times or only once could work in both my suggestions.


      Thank You.

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          Rebecca Staley Adobe Employee

          Hello there,


          Thanks for these thoughts! They're all really good (and welcome) suggestions for additions to the FormsCentral service. As you might imagine, we're busily working back here to implement new features; we have big plans for FormsCentral. For these suggestions in particular, I'll do two things:


          1. Send these suggestions to the product team and get them added to the to-do list!

          2. Move the whole thread here into the FormsCentral Ideas sub-forum. That way, your suggestions will be noted as such and well-documented on our end.


          Thanks for the great ideas; let us know if you have any more feedback for us!

          Best regards,



          Acrobat Services Community Manager

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            PeterBaird Adobe Employee

            Thanks for the suggestions. I just wanted to point out that while we don't yet have a state preset for choice fields, we do have several "States" drop-downs in our template, and support copy-and-paste.  So, to avoid the pain of entering every state (for now), you can open a template that includes a "States" drop-down, and copy it and then paste it into your own form, and from there switch between drop-down, single-choice, and multiple choice fields. 

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              schulz76 Level 1

              That would be a great idea some preset options and the ability to choose some preset drop down fields for example states, countries, maybe times on the hour and a minute choice as well say in ten minute increments, ect any commonly used drop down fields would be great and save time. I like the cut and past option, vs the manual single field entry as well