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    Importer - basic question


      Hello All,


      Referring to the Premiere Pro SDK documentation covering Importers, the first line of the chapter reads:


      "Importers provide video and/or audio from the media source. This source can be a single file, a

      set of files, a communication link between another application, etc"


      Then the imOpenFile8 selector says:


      "Importers that don’t open their own files, or importers that only open a single file should

      not use this suite."


      I'm probably mistaken, but the two statements appear to be conflicting, creating some confusion for me.  We intend to build a standard Importer plugin that creates a communication link between another application and as such will not be explicitly opening files.  The example provided is great start, but I need more help.


      Here's my question:

      Assuming our plugin sets imImportInfoRec.canOpen to false as I think it should when it creates a communication link with another application, can someone please explain how a standard importer is interfaced with when importing? If possible, I would also like to know the sequence of calls.


      Thank you,


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          Rallymax Level 2

          You don't want to make a file importer you want to make a custom 

          import module - like titlers are to frame buffer from your source 


          Refer to the titler example. It exactly what you want to code base from.

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            Rallymax Level 2

            More specifically you want to make a Synthetic Importer.

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              MirandaTech Level 1

              Hi Rallymax,


              Thanks for the response.


              For further confirmation, we plan to write an import plugin that accesses existing files on disk, and the file handling (opening,reading) will occur in a child process that we will write, which our plugin will manage and communicate with.  Do you still assert we go with a Synthetic importer?  Please explain.




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                Zac Lam Adobe Employee

                Hi there,


                In that case, it sounds like you would want to write a standard importer plug-in.  You could start with the SDK File Importer plug-in sample as your guide.  Since your plug-in will be working with another process to perform file handling, you'll want to set canOpen.  This will tell Premiere Pro that you want your plug-in to receive the imOpenFile8 and imQuietFile calls, which is where you should open / close any file handles.





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