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    Invoke permission




      i am using a web service to initiate process after the user enters username and password in corresponding fields, and the process begins so after.


      But if the user does not have invoke rights on the service, it still returns a job id, but server throws an exception, mentioning the lack of permission.

      i want to handle and control the permission level before executing the web service, so i can easily tell the user ""you are not authorized".


      now, if the user enters username and password correctly, even thought server cannot initiate the process, the system stills gives the user the job id.


      i looked for something like a security description in the database of the alc server, but can't succeed.


      i wonder if anyone knows the correct space to lookup in the db, or any other way to handle my situation?


      any help or suggestion will be appreciated, thanks in advance.



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          pguerett Level 6

          Its because you are calling a long lived process. You Invoke it (passing your credentials) then you can make another call to the Invoke_Status method. It will return the status of the process. If it started correctly then it should be returning a status of Running .....any other status will indicate that there is a problem.


          Hope that helps