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    Adobe Reader X Printing Problem


      I am hanving a problem printing that began with the installation of Reader X.  I am hoping there is a simple setting that I am missing in order to fix this issue.


      When I am printing a document using Reader X, and printing several copies of a document to my work printer (Xerox workcentre 265) I set the printer to staple the document.  Instead of stapling each individual copy, it is stapling all the copies together.  So instead of having 3 copies stapled individually, it is stapling all 3 copies together.


      It seems to me that instead of sending the print job once with instructions to print 3 copies the way previous versions of reader were doing, it is sending the print job 3 seperate times as individual pages which the printer interprets as a single document instead of 3 seperate documents.  I hope that makes sense, I don't know how to explain this better.


      I do a lot of printing; I regularly print multiple copies of large documents (50 pages or more).  If someone knows a fix for this, I would greatly appreciate your help.



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          I am seeing this stapling issue as well. Running Reader X on Windows XP Pro SP3, network printing to a Canon iR5000 PCL5e. Other programs will staple properly, and I did not have this issue at all until I upgraded to Reader X.


          I am also having issues when I select a printer using keyboard shortcuts - Reader X will not actually switch from the default printer to the selected printer unless I open the properties dialog. It will switch if I use the mouse to change printers.

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            ECHBI Level 1

            Yes, we have Ricoh equipment, and same issue.  Reader is rendering the number of copies and sending one large job to the print driver.

            We just sent instructions to our users entitled "Adobe printing problems" explaining that you need to leave the number of copies set to 1 in the reader

            print option screen, and to set the number of copies, staple, duplex, and other options strictly in the print driver options.


            Dear Adobe:  Companies use your products.  The end.