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    Populating a Drop Down List


      I'm new to using Flex/Flash Builder 4, so we'll get that out of the way immediately!


      My project uses a local database to retrieve and store information.  I've successfully created the database & can query it.  The problem I have is taking the results of that query and populating a simple dropdown list control.  All of the examples and tutorials I've seen, watched and read use either 1) local XML files for sample data or 2) a web data service to return items.  I've gone through those tutorials and trying to accomplish what I want is a piece of cake.  The "Data/Services" has no such 'connector' for local databases, so those 'techniques' don't apply...


      I've tried numerous different solutions I've found and the result is I get all sorts of errors.  This is just my latest attempt and while it doesn't throw any errors, the drop down list just shows [object Object] for each item returned by the query.  It does have the correct number of [object Object]'s in the list so I know it's getting all the database info in the query...



      private var getFacNum:SQLStatement = new SQLStatement();



      private var ddFacNum:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();



      private function populateFacilityNumber():void



      getFacNum.sqlConnection = connection;

      getFacNum.text = "SELECT id_facility, facilityNumber FROM facility ORDER BY facilityNumber";


      connectionStatus.text = "Executed Query";

      ddFacNum = new ArrayCollection(getFacNum.getResult().data);





      <s:DropDownList includeIn="NewInspection"


      fontFamily="Arial" fontSize="16"


      prompt="Select facility number...">




      I'm coming from a .NET developing environment and it seems that these two types of systems are vastly different.  Any and all assistance, links, pointers, whatever, would be greatly appreciated.