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    Reader 10.0.1 errors when opening in IE8 browser window on win7 x64


      These errors are being seen inconsistently on several of the 200+ test machines Adr 10.0.1 has been rolled out to.  Some PDFs or websites are causing the Rdr app to throw the following errors: "There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. If it is running please exit and try again (103/103)" when the OK button is clicked it is followed by a MS Win7 error that says Adobe Reader has stopped working; "Windows is collection more information about the problem. This might take several minutes."  We have also seen on the same machine that was used for recording this last error the following: AcroRd32.exe - Application Error; The instruction at 0x62b22eb5 referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be read.; Click on OK to terminate the program." This error has only been seen once to my knowledge.


      What strikes me as most odd about this is that I've found in testing PDF files online that open fine, then after closing the IE window and trying again they throw the errors, and visa-versa.  I am including screen shots of the recorded errors in case I missed any detail.  Also this installation was created using the customization tool from Adobe, distributed via SCCM, and has Protected Mode disabled.  These errors were seen in http and https sporadically.  Thank you for any assistance given!


      AdoRdr32 Errors.png