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    Nikon D7000


      I have just purchased a Nikon D7000 and have discovered that Photoshop CS4 does not support the camera.  However, I have downloaded the DNG Converter 6.3 and can now edit in CS4.  Today, I created some multiple exposures in camera and they look fine in NikonViewNX2.  However, when converted to dng. they take a horrible magenta cast.  This was never a problem with Elements 5 or CS4.  Is there a solution?  Any help appreciated.  Mary.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          It's a known problem with the current version of Camera Raw, Lightroom, and the DNG converter.


          From this page for example:


          "Nikon D7000 users will still need to endure a problem with the use of multiple exposure mode on their cameras that produces a strong magenta cast and there is a known problem with Japanese language file names when using the SmugMug online photo hosting service."


          This page describes some workarounds:




          New releases for these tools come out about every 3 months or so.  The last set came out in early December.



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            Braeneukmary Level 1

            Many thanks.  I was wondering about Lightroom but will wait and see if the update comes.  Don't want anything else that doesn't work properly.


            Thanks again.



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              Braeneukmary Level 1



              Many thanks.  I have reported the problem to Adobe as suggested below.  I was a

              bit naive in not suspecting that there would be problems with a new camera. 

              Adobe will hopefully sort out the software problems and Sigma have told me that

              they will make my 105mm lens work on the D7000.


              Looking forward.