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    Video Card for Premiere and Photoshop?

    dan_public2 Level 1

      Hi.   I thought I was reasonably well set up when I got an nVidia GeForce GTX 470 for video editing.   Unfortunately life throws us curve balls...


      I'm upgrading one of my current monitors to a much better quality IPS-panel monitor.   At the top of my list is the NEC PA271W-BK-SV.  To use it at it fullest, apparently you need to use its DisplayPort.   Which of course the GTX 470 does not have.   So...


      I'm looking for a good quality video card that has both CUDA support and a DisplayPort that supports a full 10-bit per color display pipeline.  Right now, the only one that I can find under $1,000 is the NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800.  Anyone have experience with this one?   Better options at a reasonalble price point?


      Thanks and regards,