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    DynamicStreamingResource and AkamaiAdvancedStreaming plugin


      Hi all.


      I'm pretty sure I'm missing something pretty obvious but i've spent a LOT of time trying to figure this out...


      The problem is very simple.


      Load the AkamaiAdvancedStreaming plugin.

      Create mediaElement from mediaFactory with a StreamingURLResource (HD Network (HTTP) SMIL file)



      It works.  Bitrates are switching and I can maniuplate it's DYNAMIC_STREAM trait after the element has loaded.


      But, how and/or where do I set the initialIndex property? The property doesn't exist in a StreamingURLResource and I don't understand where to go from here.  My 'logic' would assume that the plugin takes care of handling the resource as a DynamicStreamingResource and it has a DYNAMIC_STREAM trait attached to the mediaElement to validate this.  But I have no idea how to use it as a DynamicStreamingResource before letting the plugin get the StreamingURLResource.


      Hope I'm not too confusing... thanks for any help!

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          charles_newman-GG8xMm Level 1



          This is not the correct forum for a question on Akamai proprietary plug-ins and libraries.  Please go through your Akamai rep for these inquires. 


          The short answer is you do this through metadata.  You can set either the starting bitrate or the starting index.  There is a library in addition to the plugin that contains metadata keys.  You should ask your rep for this library. 



          - charles

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            mcReeshar Level 1

            Hi Charles.


            Sorry for the misunderstanding I shouldn't have posted the title as such.  My question wasn't about the specifics of the Akamai plugin and library ( which I have and which I'm having a really hard time getting answers from my Akamai rep ), but more about the concepts of having a plugin that generates a DynamicStreamingRessource and how to intercept/modify it after calling the source but before it playing.


            Basically what I was looking for was your short answer


            Thanks for you help.