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    Removing fill color upon deselection NOT working

    JennyAnnRowe Level 1

      I have a check box that, when checked, causes about 3 other things to happen. The last thing to happen is that the check box itself is supposed to fill with color. All works great, except the color remains when the check box is de-selected.  I had a similar problem before and was told to add xfa.layout.relayout() to the end of the script, and that worked in that particular instance. However, adding it to this series of scripts, does not make the fill color go away upon de-selection.


      Here are the scripts attached to this one little check box:



      if(Monitored.rawValue==1){Page2.presence="hidden";}else{Page2.presence ="visible";}


      if(Monitored.rawValue==1){Page3.presence="hidden";}else{Page3.presence ="visible";}

      if(Monitored.rawValue==1){MP2.presence="hidden";}else{MP2.presence="vi sible";}

      if(Monitored.rawValue==1){Monitored.ui.checkButton.border.fill.color.v alue="255,255,155";}else{Monitored.ui.checkButton.border.fill.color.va lue="255,255,255";}xfa.layout.relayout();

      Does anyone know what is wrong with here?