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    Caption button in FLVPlayback Skin disappears


      I am working in CS5/AS3 with an FLVPlayback component and a pre-made skin with some custom colors. It is a skin with the caption button included (SkinUnderAll to be exact). I'm using Timed-Text files for the caption content. The captions work just fine. All other buttons on the skin show up, but the toggle button isn't showing up.


      I checked all of the linkage in the skin's FLA, checked the AS that creates the FLVPlayback and FLVPlaybackCaptioning objects. All seems fine there.


      I've checked the paths and SWF locations to be sure all are in the right places.


      I've also included a SKIN_LOADED event listener to get around the default captions-on issue. I'm just not seeing what the issue is. I'd prefer to not go back through my code and make a custom control panel with button components. Started this in CS3 and moved the file to CS5, so I'm not sure if there's something I overlooked in the documentation that spells this out.


      Any insight into the vanishing caption button would be a great help.