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    error running cirrus voice chat application


      hello experts,


      1) . As per the guidelines... i signed up on cirrus to get the developer key and rtmfp netconnection key.... i received the following:-


      Your (codename) Cirrus developer key is:


      To connect to the Cirrus service, open an RTMFP NetConnection to:


      2). Inside the code(mxml) i made following changes


              // rtmfp server address (Adobe Cirrus or FMS)
                  [Bindable] private var connectUrl:String = "rtmfp://p2p.rtmfp.net";


                  // developer key, please insert your developer key here
                  private const DeveloperKey:String = "6620faa05e8785b2ea3616a2-7ffe01f89c02";
                  // please insert your web service URL here for exchanging peer ID
                  private const WebServiceUrl:String = "rtmfp://p2p.rtmfp.net/6620faa05e8785b2ea3616a2-7ffe01f89c02/";


      3). When i run the application i am recieving error


      ScriptDebug: Connecting to rtmfp://p2p.rtmfp.net


      ScriptDebug: NetConnection event: NetConnection.Connect.Success


      ScriptDebug: Connected, my ID: 78e69f93deef48850a2aa296362b0aebc78caa83423233226d2cf7a97e886b91


      ScriptDebug: ID event: idManagerError


      ScriptDebug: Error description: HTTP error: (mx.messaging.messages::ErrorMessage)#0

        body = ""
        clientId = "DirectHTTPChannel0"