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    Defining a getURL from an external XML file into Flash

    sudarshan.t Level 6



      I'm stuck with defining a getURL function while loading an external XML file.


      I have a Flash AS2.0 file and I've made it CMS driven. The content for everything in the SWF file is loaded from an XML file which resides on the same server. I've defined all other XML variables and I'm able to successfully parse them inside a holder MC I have in my Flash file. Some of the many variables I have are name, caption, thumbnail img, large img, etc... I've also defined the XML file with a 'Link' that points to a URL relative to each image it loads.


      I'm unable to define the function in Flash to retrieve the URL from 'Link' parsing value stored in my XML file.


      I tried defining a function called getLink in actions layer of my Flash file:

      getLink = function () {


      The ID is loaded in the beginning of the Flash file - based on the number of values available in XML file. All other functions work, except this getURL function.


      Any heads up would be appreciated!


      Thanks in advance for your help.