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    URGENT: Please Help - Interactions Panel Pop-up window NOT Working




      I started using FC a few days ago. I downloaded and installed a Trial Version 3 days ago. It is a great software , I love it , HOWEVER, something crucial stopped working. When I start FC and (for instance) create just a simple button from the Library. I then add a basic interaction to it. To edit this interaction I double-click on the new interacion in the panel to bring up the interaction pop-up window that allows you to change its' settings. If I accidentally triple-click on it the pop-up appears briefly then dissappears. After this happens there is NO WAY to bring up the pop-up to change any interactions. I cannot even add new interactions via "+ Add Interaction" button. The pop-up simply does not appear anymore, after which the entire software becomes unusable. Sometimes it doesn't happen right away, but I surely get this problem after say 50 clicks. My FC didn't have this issue for the first 2 days, not it doesn't go away anymore. I even tried uninstalling the app using the FC Adobe Uninstaller and re-installing it. The problem remains the same. I'm using Mac OSX 10.6.6.


      Please help me as I have created a substantial project by now and cannot continue.


      THANK YOU, Uros