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    Images on flash site half grey


      Hi I have a website motionstills.co.uk which has dynamic flash images, the images have the same info in photoshop. However, some of them load as half grey... 1'st page, gallery image 4 and contact page. Has anyone had this before??

      Any help would be much appreciated.


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          jasperjaz Level 1

          To add to this... on my other computer I used google chrome instead of safari and the the home page image loads up fine, but not on contact. Also the contact form does not accept the keys zxcv ?????


          Now the front page image is loading


          I now have deleted the images in question from the server and uploaded again... They now work, However the contact form is still not accepting certain keys?




          Not sure why the images went funny but fixed now by deleting and re uploading them

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            The contact form does allow those characters for me. I'm using a Mac and Chrome/Firefox.