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    Flash-Flex custom Components




      I am trying to create custom Flash-Flex components using Flash CS5 to use in Flex, but I don´t have any idea about Flash and I have been looking for some info in Internet but I didn´t found anything.


      That I want to do is, basically, create an Object with a graphic representation, for example create one "car" component from a png file, and later fill this component some attributes and functions, to use all in the Flex Application.


      Does anyone have any idea what I have to do that? a guide or tutorial would be helpfull for me.



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          miguel8312 Level 3

          You can try Lynda.com they have a tutorial for flex3 with creating a flash project then importing into flex.

          But essentially what you have to do is. create the swf file in flash and then import into flex. then you can access the attributes of the object in the swf.

          also here is a blog with http://flash.fincanon.com/archives/152

          a example how to make a flash and flex talk. this will get in going into right direction.


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            Ztere0 Level 1

            Yes, but I want to create a Flash swc with an ActionScript class associated, to put into this class functions and attributes.


            Right now I can create the "Flash" image and I exported to Flex, but I can´t access to the ActionScript associated class in Flash builder 4.