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    How do I auto-relink renamed files?


      Hello everyone, thank you all in advance for helping me with this situation.


      I have experience in running scripts for InDesign, however I have no experience writing scripts, and ultimately I will need something that is also versitile enough to work in CS 3,4, & 5.


      I work for a book publisher, and we changed our file naming convention for all files (new and old). We intentionally rename EVERY file with the Renamer for Mac program prior to opening up the InDesign file - and manually relink every file to the newly named file. I would like to be able to write a script that automatically determines the files new name, and relinks them.


      Is this possible, and how would I do this?

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          Mayhem SWE Level 2

          If there is an exact formula for determining the new name by only knowing the old name/path then sure it'd be possible. Just iterate over all links in the document, check whether they're broken, calculate the new name and relink. Without knowing the renaming formula though there's no way to give you an exact script.