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    Invoking WCF service from Flex throws Error2032#


      I have  a WCF service which is working fine when I invoke it from .NET application.
      I can even test the service methods from WCFClientTest tool.

      But when I invoke this from Flex, it is throwing the error 2032

      Following are the issues I observed.


      1). The WSDL generated is having the local machinename [say webserver1] instead of the IP address.

      Here is what the issue is

      http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/wcf/thread/7ed3f70e-1f65-49c1-b1e5-994f1691b e99


      Found couple of work arounds for this. One is to point it to a WSDL placed on the server as explained here




      But even after fixing this, it is not working.


      2) When I compared the requests made from WCFClientTest tool and that from Flex[using wire shark], there is considerable difference in the way, the SOAP request is sent. WCFClientTest tool is making a SOAP xml file and sending it, but the Flex client is using a different format.


      Not sure whether Flex can call the WCF service the way .NET is doing.


      3) What is the best binding type I can use in the WCF config file?


      4) Is there any good articles I can refer to make this combination working?


      Any help is appreciated to make this combination working.