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    Import multi layers

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      Last night in class, our teacher imported a 17 or 18 layer Illustrator document. He did it one layer at a time, and it took forever. I asked why he didn't just import them all at once when prompted to. He said 'if you do that, AE will import them in a random order, and I need them stacked just the way I produced the original file in order to properly manipulate them. If I import them one layer at a time, even if I do it out of order, they will appear in the correct order in AE. You can imagine what my day is like when I have to import files with hundreds of layers!! Welcome to Graphic Arts!' Is someone kidding me? Is that really true? I unfortunately seem to remember that when I imported a multilayer PS file once, I think it could have been out of order, but just figured I goofed?? For my sake, and this poor mans sake, tell me it isn't so.   Cin 

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          Balderdash. Layers retain their stacking order when imported as a comp.

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            Thank you TimeRemapper for the reply. I would be the very last one to disagree with anyone here, but we must be missing a setting or something. We are using CS4. I just created a file in PS with a background layer, and then 6 more layers named h,o,r,s,e,b. When I went to import to AE, I choose under 'Import Kind' 'Composition' because that let me choose 'Editable Layer Styles'. When I brought them in, the stacking order was alphabetical!!! So that leaves me to think that AE or PS must have a setting to correct that??? Thanks again for your time. Cin

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              I think you're mistaking the listing order of assets in the Project Window for the layering order of assets in the Timeline. The assets in the Project Window are sorted alphabetically by default, but you can click on various column headers to sort items as you see fit. If you open the composition that After Effects created when you imported you file as a comp, you'll see your layers are indeed in the correct stacking order.


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                OMG!! You're right, go figure!    I'm feeling an 'A' coming in this class! I can't wait to tell my teacher (I'll give you full credit, as you deserve), I just can't believe he works with such huge files, and brings them in one layer at a time. I knew something had to be wrong, it just made no sense. Thank you soooo much from both of us!!  Cin