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    Adobe AIR application file types

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      Hello everyone,

      I dont know how to go about this but i was wondering how possible it is to create an application with its own filetype using the AIR application descriptor xml file in such a way that everytime a file is created from that Air App, it takes the icon of  the application. I kmow this is posssible beccause i have tried it. What is even cooler is the fact that everytime you click on that file, you AIR app automatically starts. But the Real Question is how do you start the App with you file loaded.


      In my case i'm writtting an app in which you can create or load an SQLLite database file with a custom file type. Its an inventory manager which you can load databases which contain inventory information u previously stored or create a new database file to store your new inventory information. How do i Click an already existing database file so that the application loads with that database...


      Anyone done something similar?

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          l33tian Level 1

          No thanks Guys, i figured how to load those files...all i had to do was to provide an implemention for the application's invoke event. the files clicked can be accessed by the event object's argument property which is an array so if you selected a file, the native path of the file can be accessed using event.arguments[0]


          I hope this information is valuable to anyone who needs a similar functionality!