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    Running Titles in Reverse


      Can anyone tell me how to run titles in reverse. I have the credits running normally but would like to run in reverse when it gets to the end. Forwards then Backwards. I have tried the Clip/Speed,Duration but the reserve button in not clippable.

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          ExactImage Level 3

          You could render it to a video file, import it and run it backwards.

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            SteveHoeg Adobe Employee

            Nest the title in another sequence then reverse that.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Welcome to the forum.


              Instead of using the Roll Preset, I would instead Keyframe the fixed Effect>Motion>Position. When the credits have finished, just add another instance of it, and Keyframe Effect>Motion>Position again, OR just Keyframe the Motion in reverse from that instance of the Title.


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Here is a bit more detail on doing the Roll UP, and then Roll DOWN, using the fixed Effect>Motion>Position, plus acomment on the Rotation aspect.:



                For the subtle Rotation, the biggest "trick" is to set the axis/pivot point for the Rotation, if you wish to also incorporate that treatment into your Title. The axis/pivot point can be moved, but you will need to do so, probably well outside of the Frame Size. In PrPro, this is harder, but if done in AfterEffects, becomes much easier.


                In PrPro, once your Title has been created, and its total Duration set, the other parts are easy. Just Select the Title, and open the Effects Control Panel, if it's not already open (usually nested with Source Monitor and Audio Mixer by default, in a common Pane). Now, with the CTI at the first Frame of the Title, alter the fixed Effect>Motion>Position, so that the Title is below the Frame, , toggle ON animation (stopwatch icon) to add the first Keyframe. Advance the CTI to the mid-point of the Title's Duration (I use the little Timeline in Effects Control Panel, and you might need to open that with the little right-facing arrows in the upper-right of the Effects Control Panel), and then adjust your Position so that the Title is now off the top of the Frame and add a Keyframe. That takes care of your Roll-UP. You might want to add a bit of a "pause" here, and all you need to do is add another matching Keyframe, for the duration of that pause. Now, go to the last Frame of the Title (PageDN and one click of the left cursor arrow will do that for you), and adjust to the settings of your very first Keyframe for Position. Done.


                Well, not quite, as one has the ability to adjust the Velocity of the Keyframes. For what you are doing, you might want to leave the Keyframes as Linear, but also take a look at some of the Velocity controls, like Auto Bezier, or Ease-Out/Ease-In, just to see if you like them better.


                Hope that this Helps, and here is what the Keyframes would look like in the Effects Control Panel. Note: this image is from PrPro 2.0, but will be done the exact same way in later versions. Also, the Keyframes were left at Linear, with no Velocity changes:


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                PS - notice that I made a mistake in my PM, as I mentioned PageUP to go to the Tail of the Title - that should have been PageDn, and then 1 left cursor arrow to get to the last Frame. Sorry about that.