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    I have some form of virus named "jusched" in Java and Flash


      This virus named "jusched" that infects Java specifically, then associated applications like flash seems impossible to rid my computer(s)/ network of. I've tried every scanning/security program I can find. I've gone through the registry, files, subfiles and any other place I can think of and deleted it, but it keep showing up once a java application is started causing me to spend hours each time I use java and then restart to disable it and much as I am able.


      This has brought my production to a complete halt and my firm is in trouble because of it. We have little production now over the last 10 days. My tech guy's tell me the only remaining solution they can think of is to reconfigure the entire network, and each owrk station, replace all hard drives and begin a 4-7 day over haul of the system to get it back into working order.


      Does anyone know how to defeat his thing so I don't have to take such drastic measures?


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      kindest regards,



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          somascope Level 3

          Sorry to hear about the difficult situation, rccole. Maybe others here will have suggestions, but it's most likely going to be general virus thoughts, or IT oriented feedback (which is not the topic of this forum, so you probably won't get much from here). Regardless of what technology or programs got infected, its up to you and your tech guys to rids your system(s) of it. But, if your concern is that Flash player will get re-infected, that's probably still another IT and anti-virus issue rather than anything you can do with Flash to deal with. Good luck with things!

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            Jochem van Dieten Level 4

            Why did you conclude jusched is a virus? On most systems it is just the Java Update Scheduler. It could be that some virus is hiding by adopting that name, but the more likely reason is that jusched is not responsible for whatever issues you are experiencing.


            Anyway, to get rid of it go to the Java sections in your control panel and on the updates tab disable the updates completely. Don't let it even check once a month. After that, remove it from HKLM\Local Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run and it should be gone until you install the next Java update.