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    can haz animation advice? squiggling line


      Hi, kinda new to flash animation, and i'm probably taking on something too intense... just wanted some advice.


      So I'm trying to animate a logo. I have story-boarded the basics of the animation in Illustrator. Here it is.


      Picture 2.png


      Imagine you squirt some silly-string underwater, and at the end of the silly string is a heavy marble. The string shoots out and the marble pulls the elastic string tight and recoils. The string recoils into the wordmark.


      I know i can have the whole line from the beginning, just masked off and revealed as it motion-tweens to the left.

      I know i can tweak 'easing' to give it some organic reality.

      But i need to figure out how to create the basic line animation...

      - I can't seem to get a decent shape tween (or multiple jerky shape tweens). I hate that my smooth pen-tool created line in flash ultimately breaks down to a basic mushy pixel-based 'drawing object' and loses the math.

      - I have considered constructing a chain of IK bones made of like 300 little circles... seriously? i mean i can do it, but i think IK eats up memory?

      - I don't know too much actionscript, though i'm not terrible at math... and would settle for a modified sine-wave sorta thing.


      any thoughts?