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    Strange Things Happening...


      How do you make dynamic and regular static test boxes for adobe  Flash Cs5 2.0 actionscript work alongside each other...? I have no  understanding of even the most basic concepts, put it that way. Anyway,  so I have 2 test boxes, one that is static and one that is dynamic. I  made the dynamic one first, and on the same frame, I put the AS:

      var random:Number = 100;

      What I do know is that flash now recognizes that whatever dynamic  text box with the variable label of "random" is a number. The output  should also be a #, and when you test out the movie, a 100 should be in  the dynamic text box that you just created, even though you don't see  this on the stage before testing. So I tested it out, and sure enough, a  "100" shows up.
      Next, I put another text box that is static, and I typed "test" in  it. (Without quotes) The two text boxes should have no relation, but  when I tested out the movie again, only the "test" static text box words  show up, and the 100 in the previously created text box is gone. I've  tried moving the text boxes to different places and changing variables  and such, but nothing works, as far as I know. Can anyone help?
      By the way, sorry if I sound so unintelligible on such topics. XD If you must
      know, I am trying to self learn some really basic Flash stuffs.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          embed the font of your dynamic textfield.

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              I  can't understand what happening your textbox. You can send your code

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              Rothrock Level 5

              You might want to unlearn some of what you are learning here.


              Using the var property of a text box is likely to cause you problems somewhere down the road. That was how you got text into textboxes back inf Flash 5 or so. When Flash 6 came out it was much better form to use the text property of the textfield and assign the contents that way.


              var myTextField:TextField;

              var someNumber:Number=100;




              Also if you are just learning Actionscript/Flash and you have no overwhelming reason to learn AS2 then it would probably be better to start learning AS3 right off the bat. That way you won't have to unlearn all the "bad" AS2 things you learned and you will have a future going forward with AS3.


              And, oh yeah, what kglad said about embedding fonts.