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    Javascript Questions Transfering code between docs


      Hello all,


      I am very new to this and I am trying to update a document that a person who is no longer with our company created.  He created an FDF for us that contains some Javascript and I would like to copy the it from his document into this new updated version of the document.  Can you please guide me on how to accomplish this?  Thanks.

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          maxwyss Level 4

          Did that person create an FDF or a PDF?


          In the first case, you simply import it into the new document.


          In the second case, assuming that we are talking about document-level scripts, you simply add the old document to the new one, and then delete the pages again. The document-level scripts remain in the new document. For all other scripts (field, page), you will have to copy them over individually (or, if you are adventurous, you could create for every place you have a script in the old document a dummy script in the new one, and then you use the "Edit all JavaScripts" function to move the actual scripts.




          Max Wyss.

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            George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            For JavaScript in an FDF, presumably document-level code, just import the FDF.


            Acrobat 9: Forms > Manage Form Data > Import Data...   and select the FDF.


            Acrobat 10: Tools > Forms > More Forms Options > Manage Form Data > Import Data...