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    Barcode reader from Hero/Android camera?


      I'm curious about scanning barcodes and I haven't  found a mention of doing it with Hero yet anywhere...


      The zxing project has an  as3 port that I got to work on a Hero project, but it's painfully slow. I think the reason is the size of the image: when it scans a premade image file of about 7K (it is small and black/white, after all), it comes back with the decoding very fast, but if I take a picture with the camera that I then pass to ZXing, even with th camera set to its lowest resolution, it takes a very long time.

      Has anyone been down that road or have any suggestions?


      I'm wondering if it's possible for an Air app on Android to call the intent of another program in native Java and get the value returned back? I did that with the pure camera because that's built into Hero, but I wonder if it would be possible to do the same for any other native android app?