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    How do I turn all of the toolbar buttons back on in Adobe X?


      I just upgraded (downgraded) from Adobe Reader 9 to Adobe Reader X and all of the most useful buttons have disappeared from the toolbar.  In fact, aside from the page width, full page, and quirky zoom functions, all of the other useful tools have been relegated to the dropdown menus (e.g., shapshot, find, zoom, etc.).  How do I make Adobe X look like Adobe 9?  I cannot find a "toolbar" or "button" feature in the menu structure.


      As an aside for the developers, those buttons are very useful, please bring them back in future releases.  I am very tired of good software going bad when useful features are removed or buried/hidden in new software releases.  Think about what the user actually wants to do because that's how it will actually be used.  It is a tool ... build it that way.